Sunday, July 11, 2010

Precise my Environmental Topic!

Well, being more precise, I would like to talk about how the environmental laws are developed in Chile and US. Specially, I would like to develop with facts and examples, what is the reality behind the environmental laws in these countries. For example i would like to talk about the ISOs, the Carbon Bonds, the specifics problems that it has been happening in Chile and US, and how the governments can't do anything, even with laws that there are.

I think in Chile and US, the environmental laws are not so strict because there are some big enterprise who can be danger if the environmental laws change in a better way. I think the environmental laws are not focusing in the evironment itself. In chile there is an Environmental Ministry, and also there are some department from the goverments which work in this issue too.
I am not sure, but i know that in US there are some agency and department in the government which work in environmental issues.
Well a clear example how this topic are developed in US, is the oils spill problem. What does it happen with the laws here? where are the agencies of the government? what are they doing with this big problems?

Well, an objectively point of view is that everybody knows that developing laws it is a very hard job, specially, environmental laws. I think it'll be interesting to research about this issue, and also comparing some laws in the diferents countries.

My personal opinion is that the governments and the laws that they develops are not enough strict. I think there are personal interest from the companies and the goverment behind this. A clear example is what happens with the goverment when a big company didn't fallow the laws, and they contaminated the environment sorround the enterprice. At least in my country, the agencies of the government in charge of this issue said that the enterprice has to be closed for the days that will be necessary, but against that the enterprise said, if the government closes them, they will lay off a lot of people, so the unemployed rates will be increased in this place. Indeed, the goverment only gave them a ticket and they force to clean as much as they can.

If i will speak about this issue, I would like to show facts from articles and also some laws, maybe some ones which are similar en both countries. Besides, I would like to show examples about some natural catrastrofes and I would like to point out what the government did in these cases. Another thing that I would like to talk is about other international examples, like Carbon Bonds, ISOs and OSHAS, and if they are really developed thinking in the environment or in the companies.
About technologies, I really want to learn and use prezi, but i don't know if it will be useful here. I would try, but if it won't work, i will use powerpoint. Also, I can use some videos and pictures from some blogs, google, youtube and other pages. Finally, I would like to show some fragments of the laws or articles, but perhaps i don't know if i will find it.

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