Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Realize (v): become fully aware of s.t as a fact; understand clearly.
Ex: I realize why She had this behavior.
* Realizer (n)
Tap (n): a device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled.
Ex: Americans believe that the water from the tap is not good enough.
* To Tap (v), Tappable (adj).

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


SCOPE (n): the extention of the subject matters that is relevant.
Range, width, horyzon, area, ambit, terms, field.
Ex: The scope of the investigations is....
The scope of the arrangements were written in the contracts.

ACQUISITION (n): buying or obtaining an asset or object. Learning or developing of a skills, habits or qualities.
Gaining, earning, procurement.
Ex: Now, I will be able to see my future acquisitions.
* to Acquire (v)

Foccus on my goals!

Following a very good advise, I´ll re-writte my goals in order to feel me more confidents about them, and also to develop them in a way that I can measure each one to evaluate me and to see my progress.
So, now I have four specific goals:
The first one is that everyday I am going to read aloud 5 minutos and I will try to record me. So, I would be able to listen me and evaluate me by myself.
The second goal is to learn two new words or expresions every weekday. When I say "learn", I mean that I have to know what the word means, why is important to incoorporate them to my vocabulary and the most important, use it!
The third one is to check my assigments, analize and re-write them in the blog.
The last one, I have to say that I didn´t want to put it in the first time, but now I have thought that It will be useful to talk about it. The fourth goals is the TOEFL score. For my purpose, I need 100 points. Well in some places the requirements is 90, but in others is 100, so the big one is my goal! I have been feeling afraid and worried about it. I think it is not impossible, but it is a really high score. To reach them I am in the TOEFL class, and also I am studying by myself. Additionally, I ´ve been participating in different activities, I believe that all the activities in english are helpful.
Now, the only thing that I have to do is.... WORK ON IT!

Monday, June 28, 2010

My goals!

It´s difficult to talk about specific goals...before PJ ask for them, I didn´t have it...I have never thought about it. So, I am here, trying to figure it out which are my specific goals.
The only thing that I think is to start linking my general goals with the specific goals.
So, one of my general goals is to improve my fluency, for this I would do two things:
First, everyday I will read aloud 5 minutes.
Second, every weekday I will learn two words. So at the end of the week, I will be able to know ten new words.
Other general goals is to do less mistakes; to reach this goal, I will re-write all the essays or homeworks, putting special emphasis in the mistakes.

I don´t have more if somebody can give me better ideas, I will be glad!

My English Experience

My english experience started in the school. There I had two hours of english per week, so as you can see, it wasn´t enough. And also the quality of the classes weren´t very good too. I mean, the basic grammar, the writting skills were quite good, but the speacking skills were very poor.
In the University, the history didn´t change. I had to take only two english courses in the hole career (It took six years). This was a controversial issue, because all the books that I had to read were in english and a lot of students hadn´t had english classes before. And the University didn´t bring enought oportunities and resources for the students learned english. So, how do the teachers demand to learn new topics throw these books if not all the students can even read those? The other question that the student said that The English is a tool for the future, all the jobs put english as the first requirements, so does the university bring us all the tools that we´ll need in the future?
Well, with all those unresolved questions I decided to take some english courses in private institutes. Some of them are good, but others not too much. I didn´t like english classes like in the school that means like the teacher talks and the students write. I like when the students are the important actors, that means the teacher is the leader, they bring the material, topic, etc. And also they teach new thing and they correct the mistakes. But the students have to show that they are motivated and interested in learning.
Now, I am here. I am trying to learn more and improve as much as I can.
I hope when the course will finish I would talk like an american...or at least with less mistakes and more fluency.