Monday, July 5, 2010

The economic situation in Chile

Looking the rates, the situation in Chile is little better than in United State. According to the INE, Chilean National Stadistic Institute, the unemployment rates between March and May is 8.8 percent. During May, the unemployment was increased around 0.2 percent with respect to the february-April trimester, but these numbers are not so big.

Specialists said that respect to 12 months ago, Chile is in better positions than before. One year ago, with the crisis in his pick, Chile was presented an unemployment rate around 11.5 percent. The international crisis have affected the constructions and the investments sectors. A lot of new construction projects had to stop and others can´t be sold. For around a year, in Santiago there were buildings which were uninhabited. The owners couldn´t sell them. And other projects were in the midle of the constructions, and because of the crisis, the owners couldn´t go on. So, a lot of people were laid off. Consequently, the unemployment rates were growing up.

The earthquacke was another big event. However all the bad things that was happened with this, like the structural problems, the people who have lost their homes and also theirs families; we can say, in economical therms, that Chile resisted very well an earthquacke with magnitude 8.8. The bad things is that the economical growing that Chile had been presented during the last part of the crisis had to stop. Because of the earthquacke problems, all the resources changed their purposes; After that, the government has been focusing in to resolve all the structural and social problems, so the investments or new projects that they would have thought before that, it has changed now or at least, It has to stop for a while.

*I think is important to show that in May of 2010, the population in Chile between 15 years and more are 13.234.540 people, the Labor force is 7.646.680 people, and the unemployments are 674.890 people.


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