Monday, July 12, 2010

Chilean Salmon Companies

According to the article ''Consequences of the Chilean Milacre'', in 2008 it happend a big issue with the Chilean Salmon. A lot of these species were sick with the ISA virus. However, all the money that the companies had lost because of this issue, the main point was that this situation revealed how the chilean salmon companies were working on.

The scientits points out that the parasitic and viral infections are growing in species which are living in bad conditions; for examples, when the fishes are suffering stress, and also when they are living in confined places.
Besides, the articles explains that in Chile, the companies abused with antibiotic and some of them are not allow in countries like United State.

Additionally, the articles states the environmental point of view. Biologists and environmetalists highlight that the salmon excrements and also the food that they ate, are very dangerous for the environment; the reason is because this issues are ending with the oxigen in the water, killing other marine species and propaganding deseases.

So, the questions is, what is the difference between the way that the companies are growing the chickens and the salmons?
For me there are not differences; the companies don't care if they are working with animals, vegetables, things...they only care about money. For them the issue is, try to develop the item as fast as you can, as cheap as you can, and make as much money as you can. Don't even think in the environment, in the consumer helths, in the life of the animals and plants, nothing, just focusing in MONEY!

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