Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Foccus on my goals!

Following a very good advise, I´ll re-writte my goals in order to feel me more confidents about them, and also to develop them in a way that I can measure each one to evaluate me and to see my progress.
So, now I have four specific goals:
The first one is that everyday I am going to read aloud 5 minutos and I will try to record me. So, I would be able to listen me and evaluate me by myself.
The second goal is to learn two new words or expresions every weekday. When I say "learn", I mean that I have to know what the word means, why is important to incoorporate them to my vocabulary and the most important, use it!
The third one is to check my assigments, analize and re-write them in the blog.
The last one, I have to say that I didn´t want to put it in the first time, but now I have thought that It will be useful to talk about it. The fourth goals is the TOEFL score. For my purpose, I need 100 points. Well in some places the requirements is 90, but in others is 100, so the big one is my goal! I have been feeling afraid and worried about it. I think it is not impossible, but it is a really high score. To reach them I am in the TOEFL class, and also I am studying by myself. Additionally, I ´ve been participating in different activities, I believe that all the activities in english are helpful.
Now, the only thing that I have to do is.... WORK ON IT!

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